Back to work public sector staff says Bill

According to the national press there has been long delays in registering new births ,renewing out of date passports, and for the over seventies updating driving licences, as well as delayed driving tests.

The reason being that the public sector workers not to mention the teachers, are staying at home because of Covid-19.This lot by the way are on full pay at our expense not fourth fifths.

Have they no shame.What about the millions of NHS staff on the covid-19 front line. Many who lost their lives. Shop workers, bus drivers, bin men as well as the many working in hospitality, restaurants and pubs. To mention but a few of thousands more, too numerous to mention.

Westminster offices the hub of the government are virtually empty. If we are all in this together with the war time spirit shown on so many occasions. Why are these shysters getting away with it ? They are in public service to serve the public.

Get them to mount up Boris, put on their Lone Rangers masks and get back to work ASP. Before there is no work to go back to, for the rest of us,

Bill Williams

Merlin Way


Boycott your bed for vulnerable children

Even before coronavirus hit, over four million children were living in poverty in the UK.

Now our most vulnerable children and families have reached breaking point, as the financial and emotional impact of this horrible pandemic truly hits home.

Action for Children - an amazing charity I’ve worked with for many years – are determined not to let this generation of lockdown children become a lost one.

I’ve always felt a connection with the cause of Action for Children because their existence has given me hope that our society will not collapse in these uncertain times.

Playing a mum with a disabled child in There She Goes has also made the importance of the support they give to vulnerable families hit home even harder.

Over the years I’ve been involved with the charity I’ve seen the amazing work they do every day to change people’s lives, and the harsh reality of this new world we find ourselves in is that now their help is needed more than ever.

Over these past few months their wonderful key workers have been going above and beyond to support families who have found themselves plunged into crisis – whether it’s by delivering essentials to their doors, keeping up vital contact with isolated families online, or caring for disabled children who can’t be in their own homes. They are doing all they can but now they need your help.

They need you to Boycott Your Bed to raise money for some of the country’s most vulnerable kids.

This August 21st they – and I – are asking families across the UK to ditch their duvet, put away their pillows and bunk down somewhere really random in their homes or gardens.

Everyone who signs up will get an exclusive invite to a night of incredible virtual entertainment and all of this will raise desperately needed money for vulnerable children and their families who are struggling every day to get through this pandemic.

Please do sign up at and I can’t wait to see you all virtually this August.

Thanks a million for your support.

Jess Hynes

Action for Children