Russian interference

Oh the irony, to clearly use nonsense peddled by Labour that was roundly rejected at the last election with good reason, it was nonsense and appeared to be attained from a questionable source (The Ruskies) to complain about Russian interference in our democratic process.

What evidence does Mr Cowdry have that Government intends to hand over the NHS to foreign bodies?

The NHS in reality is a massive black hole to our economy which surpassed economic viability decades ago. We as nation are running a massive debt burden with the NHS contributing to that debt significantly. So tell me which foreign idiots planning to invest in a money pit are you referring to. Incidentally the Same NHS that saved the PM’s life and delivered his new born child, yes I am sure Boris is itching to bring it down.

As for the report into Russian interference with regards to Brexit. The report makes hardly any reference to the 2016 EU Referendum, but even if it did I could not care less. Because frankly I am getting sick and tired of sore losers constantly throwing their toys out of the pram.

It looks like they clearly did try to interfere in the Scottish Referendum, that being the case they obviously did not do a very good job of it, unless they planned to maintain UK stability.

With regards to the 2019 Election, once again a master stroke on their part. If that is the Russian interference Mr Cowdry is concerned about, long may it continue because they are clearly useless at it.

Craig Halliday

Mulberry Grove


Property speculation with taxpayers' money

At a time when Swindon Borough Council is talking about increasing borrowing from £400m to £500 million why is it going to finance the purchase of a new building for Zurich at a cost of £38m? Didn't it get its fingers burnt enough when it got involved with and paid for the infrastructure at Wichelstowe, something normally the responsibility of the developer?

What right do they have to speculate with Council Tax Payers money when this company has the means to fund its own finance? What guarantees do we have as Council Tax Payers that this venture will ever produce a profit,? Zurich could leave us with another empty building in five years time! Council spending has gone mad recently and what do we have to show for it? All this borrowing has taken place since the Labour Party lost power in 2004, why don't they say anything or are they part of the problem?

The trouble is that none of the people, who have undertaken this and other unnecessary costly expenditure, will be around to deal with it when it becomes due for repayment. I would go as far as to suggest that the £500m will never be repaid and will continue to escalate, with current interest payments on £400m being £11.5m per annum already. That is a lot of Council Tax! Isn't it time we reintroduce financial accountability to all Borough Councillors and in that I mean that they are personally liable financially for any misuse of Council funding? The disgraceful handling of the Wi-fi Digital City debacle comes to mind, where they appeared to show no genuine interest in finding out what happened to the money! Why should they it was not theirs?

Shouldn't Swindon Borough Council concentrate on emptying the bins, not dropped all over the street incidentally, repair the roads and use funds to tidy up the disgrace that is our town centre if they ever expect us to support it again? Two weeks ago there was graffiti everywhere!

I sometimes wonder what is the purpose of the 57 Swindon Borough Councillors because since they instigated devolved responsibility to Officers and to the Parishes, I see them as an unnecessary cost and nothing more. They seem utterly oblivious to the needs of the people of Swindon who they purport to represent. Is it not time for change and big time?

Richard Symonds

The Bramptons