THE new chairman of the Wiltshire FA’s Inclusion Advisory Group wants to see more diversity in the county’s football scene.

Bazil Solomon, who is also a Conservative councillor in Swindon, joined the Wiltshire FA this year with the goal of getting more children from different backgrounds into the sport.

He said: “I want to see groups of children playing that are representative of all our children in Swindon. 

“Some parents find it very difficult to get their children to get involved in sport – it’s the same with girls as well.”

As well as a shift at grassroots level, Mr Solomon wants to see change at the top of football.

He added: “We want to see ethnic minority people represented in all levels of football.”

“Why aren’t there black players who are managers? Why aren’t there Asian managers? And it’s the same at director level. 

“It needs to change and everyone needs to feel represented. 

“When you go to a football match, people need to feel like they’re part of it.”

Part of the research into representation and inclusion in Wiltshire football is a survey Mr Solomon is conducting himself. 

“We’re running a survey now to find out what inclusion is like across all levels in Swindon,” he said. “People are telling us about their experiences, good and bad.”

“We have about 400 responses so far but we need to know about inclusion in football from all involved with the sport, so our aim is 2,000 responses.”

As well as the representation it would bring to the people of Swindon, Mr Solomon believes it can only be a benefit to the FA too. 

He added: “At the end of the day it’ll raise money for the FA. You’ll have more spectators because you’ll have more people from different backgrounds coming in to watch. 
“I think it’s a brilliant thing.”

And Mr Solomon is hoping to rename a meeting room at the Wiltshire FA after one of Swindon Town Football Club’s famous ethnic minority players from the past.

Mr Soloman said: “I’ve started conversations to name at least one meeting room at the new Devizes headquarters and at the County Ground after one of our famous local black players.

“We need these things going on, football brings people of different backgrounds and nationalities together, and can unite us as one team.”

To take part in the Wiltshire FA survey people can visit