A new food delivery service has opened up in Swindon but instead of pizzas or burgers Kieron Ridge is going for the healthy option - salad.

He and his wife Sarah Toon have set up Super Salad in Wichelstowe with the aim of delivering salads anywhere in the town.

Born in Swindon, Kieron has had a love for them since childhood.

The 51-year-old said: “My mum used to make salads and we grew our own vegetables in our garden and I just got fed up of salads you order at restaurants. 

“It’s just iceberg lettuce and lumps of cucumber and a beef tomato. 

“Everything goes through a revolution, smoking did and came out with vaping, now it’s the time to give salad a revolution and evolution and here we are now.”

Each salad contains between 60 to 80 ingredients and customers are able to choose from a range that includes fruit, vegetable or even nut salads.

Kieron is so confident in his product that he’s labelled it the healthiest meal in the world.

The business only started two months ago but expansion is already on the mind of its creator. 

Kieron said: “Somebody said to me, if you can make it in Swindon, you can make it anywhere. 

“Ultimately, if we can make it work, I want to open up in the four major cities in the UK. Swindon, London, Manchester and Birmingham.

“And then I’d look to franchise out if it’s successful.”

Kieron’s even going for a world record. He’s contacted Guinness World Records to try and see if he can win the title of salad with the most ingredients -100- which he will call the Centurion.