Swindon Town players are back in training for their next season back in League One. 

Last week, the club took staff and players off furlough and trained in groups of five across a number of days.

But from tomorrow the squad will come together as a whole and will prepare for a behind-closed-doors game on Saturday.

Speaking to BBC Wiltshire, manager Richie Wellens said: "We’re very conscious that they’ve been off for five months so we need to make sure every part is getting up to speed.

"We’ll start again Monday, go every day next week and probably have a game on Saturday.

"It’s really frustrating because I like going to the non-league grounds and mixing with the supporters and speaking to them during the pre-season but we’ve had to cancel them.

"We’ll either play a Premier League under-23 team on Saturday or a Conference club which has been tested so they’re safe.

"I always try and get on with it and it is what it is so we’ll adapt the best we can."

With the players coming back, there have been concerns that fitness levels might not be up to standard. 

But Wellens said the first team players have been ready to go straight away. 

He added: "The first team players are outstanding, in brilliant shape. The younger players are coming in and are a little bit off it but that’s to be expected.

"It’s disappointing sometimes when these lads have known they’re coming in for the past three or four months and they haven’t strengthened up but we have to realise they’re young.

"When you compare the two groups it’s night and day.

"We don’t need to go to quickly with the first team. Hallam Hope, Matt Palmer, Baudry and Iandolo are machines. We just need to make sure we can control them.

"For the young lads we need to push them and get them there. We need to push them to the limits and test them at times to make sure they can handle it mentally and bring them up to speed mentally too."