As part of the Swindon Advertiser’s Love Local Business campaign, we caught up with Kelly from Inspirational Garden Supplies…

Q: Why do you think our readers should support local businesses?

“I think that it’s more important than even for people to spend their money with local independent businesses as coronavirus as hit the local economy massively and the more we support local, the less likely we are to lose local shops and services.”

Q: What are you enjoying most about being back open?

“We actually managed to stay open throughout the lockdown and have been lucky in that people have spent money they might have had earmarked for other things such as holidays, on home and garden improvements, which has meant we’ve continued to trade well.”

Q: What has been the toughest challenge for your business over the past 4-5 months?

“We’ve been very careful about maintaining social distancing and ensuring we keep our customers and clients safe throughout.”