THE Wiltshire Air Ambulance landed in the West entrance car park of the Swindon Designer Outlet earlier today.

The helicopter arrived around 12.45pm, touching down in an empty corner of the car park, skilfully avoiding any nearby lampposts and parked cars.

Police talked to paramedics at the scene while surprised shoppers returning to their vehicles were advised to drive around the stationary chopper to exit the car park instead of going behind it.

A land ambulance and paramedic car raced down Rodbourne Road towards Park Lane around 1.25pm, then the air ambulance took off shortly afterwards without any patients.

A neighbour heard the helicopter land. He said: "I'd never heard a helicopter flying so low above the house before, it was so loud, so I went outside to see what was going on.

"I saw it fly overhead behind the houses on Park Lane then hover for a few moments near the outlet before descending.

"Usually, they land in the park opposite if they need to help anyone nearby, so it was a surprise to see it in the middle of a car park with shoppers just going about their day - that's some impressive flying from the pilot!

"It looks like they weren't needed after all but I hope no-one's been badly hurt."

A spokesman for the South West Ambulance Service said: "Our crews were attending an incident at a private address nearby following a call at 12.22pm.
"The air ambulance tends to land at an appropriate location close to, but not necessarily at, the scene of any incident it is required to attend."