Future football stars are back on the playing field after the government lifted coronavirus restrictions on grassroots sport.

The Football Association published a 15-page document explaining what can and cannot be done when it comes to children returning to their clubs.

This included equipment being sanitised, children bringing their own sports bottles and no group celebrations after scoring a goal.

One of the clubs that returned to training was Highworth Juniors FC.

Vice-chairman Paul Clarke believes it is great to get the children back and all the safety measures were being taken.

He said: “We have to disinfect all the equipment before training and before a match.

“The guidelines even suggest you disinfect the football and equipment at half time.

“There will be things in there the children will forget because they’re children, but you have to rely on the managers and coaches to do things for them.

“We have a great bunch of coaches and a great bunch of spectators, so we’ll have their support.”

One of the standout pieces of guidance from the FA is ‘goal celebrations should be avoided’ and Mr Clarke believes it shouldn’t be much of an issue.

He explained: “You have to remember this is children we’re dealing with. Even at the age of 17 and 18 it’s still grassroots and they’re still classed as children.

“You can talk to the players about no goal celebrations but it depends what the celebration is.

“Most children in the aged seven, eight and nine just celebrate by sliding along on their knees.

“There is very little contact celebrating but you can encourage them not to do it. The key word in the guidelines is should.”

And it is not just the players who have to take extra precautions.

A number of new measures have been put in place at the clubhouse at the club to help spectators.

Mr Clarke explained: “We have a risk assessment as standard anyway, as any club will have.

"But you have to make sure that it’s Covid-19 relevant in terms of putting the club through its paces to say we know what we’re doing and that it’s safe.

“You have to work out where people will queue for food and drink and make sure that’s separate. You need a one-way system in and out of the club.

“There’s social distancing markers all the way through the club and outside and we’ve also put seven automated hand sanitisers up so people don’t have to touch any buttons.”

The current date for the new youth league season to start is September 6.