Coronavirus infections at an Iceland distribution centre have slowed, with the council claiming the outbreak is now under control.

Public health officials declared a mini-outbreak at the XPO Logistics depot in Penzance Drive last week after 30 people tested positive for the virus.

That figure has since swelled to 77. A mobile testing unit sent to the Swindon site tested more than 500 people over four days last week.

Swindon Borough Council said the number of new cases had continued to fall over recent days and on Tuesday just one new case was reported.

25 members of staff have since returned to work.

The council’s director of public health Steve Maddern said: “The number of new Covid-19 cases has continued to fall in recent days, which is reassuring.

“We have been working closely with XPO Logistics and our colleagues at Public Health England South West to ensure the necessary protocols and public health procedures are in place and we are confident we are now coming to the end of this outbreak and that it has been contained.

“More than 500 staff have been tested and those who have been identified as being close contacts of those affected have been told to self-isolate in accordance with government guidelines. The recent outbreak has contributed to a spike in the Covid-19 case rate in Swindon over and above the infections we have seen in recent weeks. However, we expect to see a continued reduction in the case rate over the coming days.

“We would like to reassure people living and working in Swindon that while we expect to see more sporadic cases of Covid-19 in the weeks and months ahead, we have robust mechanisms in place to contain the infection and protect the health of the local community.

“This includes extensive community engagement plans to ensure local people get the information they need to stay safe and in a way that is accessible and meets their needs.”

Public health officials said the outbreak at XPO was understood to have started outside the work place, with suggestions that it may have been spread by staff members sharing lifts to work.