Wood Street will be closed to all traffic for three nights every week.

The popular Old Town road will use an experimental traffic regulation order, starting this week, which will see cars, bikes and buses banned from the street between 7pm and 6am on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Exceptions will be made for taxis, fire engines, police cars and ambulances, and it will not stop people who live on the street from accessing their homes.

The aim of the closure is to protect revellers enjoying a night out from stumbling into traffic.

Here’s what you said on Facebook:

Karen Stewart: “I think this is a good idea as the amount of times I’ve seen people drunk walking into the path of cars on Wood Street.

“However I do worry that people will be vulnerable if having to walk around the corner to a quieter road to get their lift or taxi home.”

Jennie Weatherhead: “Do people really need to have nights out that desperately in the middle of a pandemic?”

Maggie Bhom: “Personally I would have thought Wood Street should have been permanently pedestrianised years ago.”

Dixcel Down: “Not for safety reasons, this should have been pedestrianised years ago, purely for a better place to drink and socialise.

“Don’t think there should be any provisions for taxis either, let them pick people up at the end of the road. Police and ambulances obviously.

“I won’t be holding my breath though as the council seem to be totally unable to make decisions, especially for the better.”

Craig Ponting: “If people can’t stay safe on the pavements and crossing a road, I’m sorry, but they should be at home. Why should a road be closed just for them?”

Kev Hollamby: “So the rank will be accessible for the hackney drivers but private hire companies will have a problem as there will be no drop off or pickup for them.

“And that will still cause heavy traffic as revellers do opt for pre-booked private hire. I think Hoopers Place is big enough to have all cabs in that area as there is a safe walkway.

“And Wood Street should be completely pedestrian with emergency access and loading at the times of 8am to 4pm.”

Alison Ayris: “I did agree with this originally but recently witnessed pubs in old town rammed packed with no social distancing and not a mask in sight from any staff member.

“Sad really as the restaurants in Old Town have made real effort to keep everyone safe. Shame on the pubs.”

Ian Carter: “The signage needs to be improved.

“The current sign for no cars on Sunday’s isn’t visible from high street going towards Drove Road until you’ve already turned in for people who do not know or that are not local.”

Sharon Pickett: “Should close it off permanently. People only use it to cut through traffic.”

Lesley Waters: “Just close it altogether except for deliveries.”

Richard Hodder: “Good idea, just do it.”

Sandra Carrigan: “It’s a shame we have this problem with socialising in this country. Why is this?

“As most European countries thrive and succeed with decency on alfresco dining and drinking no problem.”

Lewis Jenkins: “What’s the difference in making it safer for people on a night out and people walking down there through the week in the day time? Waste of time in my opinion.

“Could make some money off the drunks if they got stopped for jaywalking.”

Liz Laidler: “No benefit what so ever, if people are in cars how can they spread the virus to people on the street.

“Make people wear masks when out on the street would be a better solution.”

David Bethell: “This will make Wood Street as attractive as Fleet Street or Regent Street. Both popular venues for an evening stroll.”

Steve Tyson: “Pedestrianise it fully. Make Swindon nice.”

Charles Jackson: “Spend the money elsewhere.”