Swindon businesses are hopeful they could survive any new local lockdown.

The town is currently considered one of those at risk of a local lockdown following a rise in cases over the past week.

It comes after 64 workers tested positive for the virus at XPO logistics.

But traders are hopeful they are well equipped to deal with the impact of any potential lockdown.

Sarah Courtney Green, owner of Sarah Belle Bridal on Commercial Road, said: “If we were asked to close our doors again for a number of weeks, the concern is for the customers trying to plan ahead and not knowing what their dates are.

“Customers should be considering shopping sooner rather than later because then manufacturing processes outside of Swindon can still be happening even if they can’t see us.

“We’ve managed through one lockdown, so I wouldn’t say going under is a particular worry.

“Our worry is more for customers running out of time to come shopping.”

A similar concern is shared at Distinkt Tattoos on Faringdon Road.

Owner James Trottman said: “If we do have a second lockdown it will be detrimental to the business.

“We’ll have to rearrange customers and there’s implications with rent and other services we have to pay to stay open.

“But realistically we should be fine, we have quite a loyal customer base so they’ll be patient with us if it happens.

“At the minute we’ve been really strict on the guidelines, so hopefully a lockdown wouldn’t happen, but if it did we would be okay to continue.”

But there are fears a lengthy lockdown could permanently damage business and customer confidence.

Adam Clarke, co-owner of recently opened Love Brownies, said: “We would go back to serving from the door which would have a massive impact.

“We were lucky. Our business is still able to do something during lockdown but other businesses have to close.

“Closure is a real possibility for everyone, we’re not immune to that, lockdown made sure we wouldn’t make any money our first 12 months. Even afterwards people could lose confidence in going outside to businesses, especially if places keep going back into lockdown.”