The Colt Car Company has said it is too early to talk about job losses after Mitsubishi announced it would stop selling new models in Europe.

The company, which imports Mitsubishi cars into the UK, operates a dealership in Swindon on Paddington Drive and has a head office in Cirencester.

It has said it will continue to support customers and continue selling the current range of Mitsubishi cars.

But it has said it is too early to talk about what impact the decision might have on those sites. 

On the Swindon dealership, a spokeswoman said: "Senior management are in communication with our dealer partners but it’s too early to speculate about what will happen down the line. For now, we are all focussed on selling our current range of cars and assuring our customers that their vehicles will be taken care of well into the future."

And it was a similar story for the Cirencester office with the spokeswoman adding: "While no future new Mitsubishi models will be launched into European market, the existing model range will continue on sale in the UK, likely into 2021/2022.

"On the back of the crippling coronavirus lockdown, which has driven the market down 50 per cent this year versus 2019, this is obviously disappointing news but The Colt Car Company is actively exploring new options to reinvigorate its business by introducing new electric vehicle-focussed brands into the UK car market as it transitions towards electrification.

"Since lockdown was implemented The Colt Car Company has used the Government’s Jobs Retention Scheme to protect jobs but as that scheme winds down we, like every other business, will need to look at our organisation. We cannot comment any further on that at this stage."