DRIVER Lee Standen is sick of being chased by a parking firm to pay a fine he can prove he should never have got.

Lee stopped for a coffee at Costa in the Orbital Shopping Park but was sent a fine of £100 from CP Plus claiming he had stayed there for seven hours on February 20.

He sent the company footage from his home CCTV cameras showing his car was parked on his drive in Highworth at the time.

But letters are still being sent telling him to pay the fine, which has now risen to £170.

“I don’t know if it will affect my credit score but it definitely doesn’t look good when they’re demanding this and I refuse to pay,” Lee said.

“The vehicle belongs to my company Wales & West Decorators so I don’t know if it will affect my business in any way, which is a worry.”

Parking at the site in Haydon is free for up to five hours.

Lee told the Adver his mum Janet, 70, suffers with cancer.

He said: “It’s just added stress that isn’t needed on top of my mum going through treatment and with this pandemic.

"She was diagnosed with bowel and skin cancer six years ago and it got worst over the years.

"At the moment she is going through radiotherapy, which is causing her hair to fall out. It’s just not helpful they keep sending these letters.”

But with evidence in his hands proving that he didn’t break the rules, he is sticking to his guns.

He said: “I shouldn’t have to pay it because I can prove I wasn’t there but they still keep chasing me, which is frustrating when I was told they would withdraw the claim.

“I feel sorry for those who don’t have the evidence to prove them wrong and pay it even when they haven’t broken the rules.

"And with lockdown especially people aren’t doing so well financially so this could really have a toll on them and it’s not necessary.”

This isn’t the first time someone has been accused of overstaying in the carpark.

Three years ago his former employee Joe Spink had to go to the parking ombudsman to stop Parking Eye pursuing him for money and claiming he had overstayed.

He had only gone there to pay for petrol before work and he was accused of staying there for nine hours.

After going to the Ombudsman he was told he didn’t have to pay the fine.

CP Plus was contacted by the Adver for a comment but the firm failed to respond.