A MUM whose three-year-old daughter was once told she would never be able to walk has vowed to complete a challenge every month in a bid to raise awareness of cerebral palsy.

Maya Rose Yates was 18 months when she was diagnosed with the condition, which affects movement and coordination, and microcephaly, a rare neurological illness.

The three-year-old is unable to make sentences, sit up, stand or walk.

But her mum Kayleigh Parker has pledged to do a challenge every month in the build up to Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day in March 2021 and to raise funds for a charity and show her daughter that 'anything is possible'.

Kayleigh told the Adver: “I’m just trying to get people a bit excited and hopefully take part and help me decide whatever things I might do each month.

“I will be doing a tandem skydive from 15,000ft in February and a back-bungee jump in November.

“I am nervous, but I am excited, I have done a skydive before but not from so far.”

“And I really want to show my daughter that anything is possible if you stick your mind to it.”

Determined Maya Rose has regular physiotherapy sessions to help her increase her strength and mobility.

The 30-year-old added: “As she was nearing one, she was unable to sit by herself. That’s when we started to question whether there was something wrong.

“And obviously there was a lot of tests. She now uses some signs to communicate and some specialist communication device. There’s a couple of words that she can say now.

“She’s very smart and interactive, she does need help to sit or stand.”

Kayleigh has seen an improvement since Maya Rose started the physiotherapy sessions.

“She’s a very determined girl, she knows what she wants, and she will try to get it. I was told by a doctor that she probably would never walk, but then we’ve looked at our options, and the physiotherapist is helping her to walk, may be not like me, but they have their own way of getting around.

“She may not be that physically able, but she is like any other child of her age. And I think sometimes she gets a bit overlooked by other children.”

Kayleigh hopes her initiative will educate people about this condition.

“I knew what cerebral palsy was, but I knew very little about the condition, that’s why I want to spread awareness,” she said.

“When my daughter was diagnosed, I looked on the internet and it was all very scary. I’ve known three people who have cerebral palsy, and we don’t realise how ignorant we are, it was just a shock to learn so much about the condition.”

The money raised will be donated to Cerebral Palsy Plus, a charity based in Bristol working with children and adults with CP.

Kayleigh said: “The charity was kind of a ray of light. We have never used the facilities ourselves as we are slightly out of the catchment area but just knowing such an organisation existed gave so much hope and excitement.”

The mum-of-three has set a target of £500 but she is hoping to raise more over the next seven months.

“I’m going to actually be asking friends to take part in this fundraiser themselves. I’ve got one friend so far and we are planning to do a run in January. I don’t like running, so I think it will be a fun target to work towards.”

To support Kayleigh visit uk.virginmoneygiving.com/fundraiser-display/showROFundraiserPage?userUrl=KayleighsFairydust&pageUrl=1.