LAP-DANCING club Dream Lounge is ready to reopen whenever the government gives the go-ahead.

Like most of the hospitality sector, it had to close in March at the outbreak of the pandemic but it has remained shut due to the high-contact nature of the business.

But operations director Charlotte Mifsud said the venue was ready.

She said: “We are prepared to reopen. We're putting all the necessary social-distancing measures in place.

“We have produced a handbook for everyone who works in Dream Lounge and have planned special training sessions which everyone will have to take before they do their first shift.”

The handbook includes guidance for workers, which says dancers must remain one metre away from customers during a private dance, and perspex screens will be put up to separate groups of people in the main room. PPE will be worn where appropriate.

Charlotte added that the club has been making every effort to stay financially stable over the past five months.

She explained: “We have been very careful over the last months to save money so that we will continue to be financially viable.

“Our landlord has been very helpful and, because of this, we are certain that we will re-open when the government allows.”

The venue employs around 30 people but only one of those was put on to the government's furlough scheme.

“Most of the rest are either self-employed, or in the case of door staff, are employed through Platinum Security,” Charlotte said.

“So some of those people have taken different jobs to help them through the crisis.”

“Our type of business is challenging on every level and we have had many ups and downs over the years, since the family took over the business.

“We have risen to these challenges and succeeded against all the odds.

“Dream Lounge contributes to the economy in Swindon and this is important for the town especially in these times where businesses are closing and more people are becoming unemployed.

“We hope to welcome back our staff and customers to Dream Lounge in the very near future.

“We also hope we will have the opportunity of welcoming new customers.”