Swindon parents don’t feel comfortable sending their children back to school in September, but they admit the youngster need to return.

The government plans to reopen all schools in September but has faced calls for more testing before that happens.

A poll on the Adver website saw 48 per cent of 579 votes, say it was still dangerous for children to return to school with a further 14 per cent saying they didn’t know what measures would be in place.

The remaining 38 per cent said children need to return to school.

But on Facebook many parents admitted that, although it wasn’t safe, children did need to return to normal.

Lynette Cavanagh said: “Life needs to go on. Children need socialisation and an education.

“We can’t live in fear of what might be. Covid isn’t going to disappear anytime soon.”

Lauren Curtis agreed saying her child had already spent too long out of school.

She added: “I don’t feel comfortable with it no, but my son would be seven months out of school by time he goes back.

“He needs to socialisation with other children and some more normality back in his life. I just don’t know how schools can have all students back and it being safe.”

Clare Crocker added that schools would be safe for children so long as the families were being responsible outside of the classroom.

She explained: “School will be safe if those with children are being careful when outside of school.

“If parents are going to beaches on weekends, not protecting themselves properly when at work and going shopping more than once a week and carrying on like “normal” prior to lockdown then no, schools won’t be safe.

“If everyone is careful and listens to the rules then schools will be perfectly safe.”

Some schools did reopen before the summer holidays to select year groups and most have remained open during the pandemic to support vulnerable children and the children of key workers.

Tan Wilson has already had her child go back to school during the pandemic.

She said: “Children need normality and routine, they need to see their friends and they need an education.

“Everyone is entitled to their opinion and if you don’t want your kid back in school then register them as home schooled.

“You’d be responsible for giving them a full time education with no help from schools at that point.”