The explanation given by a man accused of molesting a woman in a town centre car park was likened to the fevered fantasy of an over-sexed adolescent boy.

Dean Clark, 33, is said to have seen his alleged victim through his binoculars, standing on the roof of the Brunel West multi-storey on the evening of July 3, 2018.

Prosecutors at Swindon Crown Court claim he walked to the car park and told the woman she was pretty before touching her sexually several times and exposing himself before she fled the car park and he walked to Tesco to pick up chicken slices and a multi-pack of steak crisps for his wife.

Clark denies the allegations, instead claiming he was on the top floor of the car park with an old friend from agricultural college, who he knew only as Martin, when a woman approached him and asked if he wanted “some fun”. He says she grabbed his hand and put it first on her bottom then, later, down her leggings.

In his closing speech to jurors on Thursday, prosecution counsel Nicholas Tucker said: “The defendant would have you believe that on the night in question a woman he had never met before approached him, a woman who had obviously been crying but a woman who he says was determined to have sex with him, a complete stranger, a woman who would not take no for an answer.”

He added: “There is a place for stories such as this, members of the jury. It is in the fevered fantasies of over-sexed adolescent boys.”

The barrister described Clark's claims he had seen “Martin” walking through the car park underpass from outside the old Paperchase shop on Canal Walk as “completely implausible”.

“If Martin does exist he certainly wasn’t at Brunel West Car Park on July 3, 2018,” he said.

Tony Bignall, for Clark, told jurors they needed to be completely sure of his clients guilt before they convicted him.

“This is not an Agatha Christie mystery. You don’t have to try and determine what really happened,” the lawyer said.

“What you have to determine is whether or not on the evidence you’ve heard you can be sure Mr Clark committed these offences. Nothing less than that will do.”

Jurors are currently deliberating. Clark, of the David Murray John Tower, Canal Walk, denies sexual assault. The trial continues.