Two Swindon town centre confirmed positive coronavirus cases. Poundland on Havelock Square confirmed two members of staff had tested positive and Primark on Regent Street added one of its staff also had the virus. Primark remains open but the company said a precautionary sanitisation had taken place. But the Poundland store has remained close with the store saying it took the decision to place the store into ‘hibernation’ after footfall remained low post-lockdown. And shops outside the town centre weren’t immune. The Tesco on Octocal Way also confirmed a small number of cases and one more case was confirmed at the Greenbridge McDonald’s. Here’s what you said on Facebook:

Courtney Mires: “There is testing available so of course there’s gonna be a rise in cases.”

Caroline Bell: “Hopefully this will make shop assistants rethink about wearing masks.”

Sarah Davis: “If we have so many, why are we not in lockdown?”

Andrea Grace Fuentes: “Oh my god. It’s everywhere. Lockdown fast approaching.”

Kelly Eatwell: “This is getting out of hand nobody wants to go in to lockdown but if we don’t soon more business are going too get cases.”

Anna Beckett: “Another shop, avoid Swindon.”

Lee Walker: “This is why it should be mandatory for shop workers to wear facemasks as well as customers.”

Katie Olivia: “Foot trade hasn’t changed at Poundland, it’s been open all of lockdown with plenty of people inside shopping though out.”

Tracy Deverell: “So I definitely won’t be going into Swindon for a shopping trip any time soon.”

Colin Doherty: “Shops will all close again soon then Amazon will double their prices again.”

Mary Sienna: “Oh my god. Because there is more testing, there will be more positive results! Why don’t any of you understand that?

“A virus with a 98 per cent recovery rate and 80 per cent of the population will have or had the virus.

“No talk of death rates anymore, just the increasing positive results. How many have been tested? How many negative results vs positive results?”

Jay Stickman Mallon: “It is never going to go, it’s going to be around forever. Clearly just as we get control here, pubs are back up and it’s being pumped out to the public.”

Sarah Jane Lewis: “Oh my god everybody should be wearing mask even the shop workers.”

David Charter: “Think might give the town centre a wide berth for a while. All of a sudden a trip to Cirencester has become very attractive.

“Schools are due to open in just under three weeks, I wonder what will happen in Swindon.”

Gaw Philip: “I just get on with my life because no one can tell where it is.

“Just have a life that’s what I do if shops are busy I stay out of it.”

Derek Hoodless: “Let’s all just go back into lockdown before it gets worse plus shut all pubs too as they are not needed.”

Kelly Eatwell: “Sooner we go in too lockdown the faster Swindon gets contained.”

Antonio Falvo: “How many more cases does this town need? It's becoming a joke. Lock it down before it’s too late.”

Rita Austin: “We’ll soon have lockdown again oh my god.”

Sergio Fellino: “This is because the PM said retail staff don’t need to wear a mask.

“He must think that shop workers are immune from catching the virus or incapable of spreading it.

“I have to wear a mask at work, why would you tell retail staff they don’t need to wear one?”

Hannah Cole: “This is getting stupid. Just shut it all.”

Gary Selby: “But why are people so eager to find out they’ve got the dreaded lurgy when really all they have is symptoms of a cold.”