A MARKET was top of the wishlist from Adver readers when we asked what you would like to see at the Brunel Shopping Centre.

It follows the news that Sainsbury's was leaving after 48 years.

Many readers had suggestions for what could be improved.

And one common suggestion was for a market.

Danielle Deaton said: “It would be nice to have a twice-weekly market like Salisbury or Cirencester, selling local produce and products."

She added that more cafes and restaurants should open up along the outside the centre.

“Have plenty of eateries that sit outside along Canal Walk that open during the day and in the evening like they do in other European and Mediterranean countries.”

Danielle added: “It’s wide enough to take it.

“In the summer months sit under canopies for shade and in the winter months be like Scandinavian countries, where they still sit out with patio heaters and use throws to keep warm.”

This suggestion was backed by Rick Hanlon who added: “Please bring back the indoor market in the Brunel.

“When the market was there back in the 70s and 80s Swindon town had a focal point and a heart .”

More specific shop ideas included the return of the Disney store, which left the town centre in 2015.

Amy Earnshaw said: “I would love it if the Disney store came back to Swindon.”

At the time, the Disney said the decision to close the shop was taken after an evaluation of the brand’s outlets. The Adver has previously tried to contact Disney about the return of the store but had no response.

Maria Blake had a number of shop ideas that ranged from electrical retailer Currys to a fudge-making shop, similar to those seen at seaside hotspots.

Sainsbury’s announced last week that it was closing its 48-year-old store at the centre in November.

A few days later House of Fraser also revealed it would be closing in September.

This then prompted a number of independent businesses to suggest they might look at leaving the Brunel if more big names continued to leave.

Despite the loss of Sainsbury’s and House of Fraser, the complex still features a number of big brands such as Waterstones, M&S and Subway.

A number of independent businesses are based there, such as the Something Different Gift Shop, the Incredible Comic Shop and Fillerz.