It’s been a challenging year for gardeners.

Lockdown meant they couldn’t pop out to buy new plants to brighten up their plot, online nurseries were out of stock and down on staff and then there was the weather – blazing sunshine one day, downpours the next.

Garden attractions were closed and fans of the NGS Open Gardens scheme had to go without their annual dose of inspiration or the chance to share the fruits of their labour with others.

Now the Adver is offering gardeners a chance to show off their hard work. We’ll be running a regular Visit My Garden feature and we want you to let us know all about your own horticultural havens.

Whether you have a tiny courtyard or postage stamp-sized garden or whether you’re blessed with acres of green space, we want to see what you’ve done to make your space special.

Beautiful beds, wonderful water features, quirky corners – we want to see them all.

What challenges have you faced? How do you make the most of your garden?

And what is it that gives you the most pleasure? It could be your veg patch or the outdoor furniture you built yourself from recycled wood.

Simply fill in our straightforward online form and add some pictures of your favourite features and we'll do the rest. Go to