A COURT has passed a partial closure order on a Pinehurst property. 

Swindon Magistrates’ Court authorised it today for the Beech Avenue address. 

It means only the occupant and their children are allowed to enter the premises for the next 28 days. 

Anyone else other than the occupant, the council, or the emergency services who enters the address will be committing an offence and may be arrested. 

Neighbourhood Inspector Carly Nesbitt said: "We hope this will ensure the safety of the occupant and the wider community.

“Officers will be conducting regular patrols and welfare checks to ensure the order is being adhered to over the next 28 days."

A Swindon Borough Council spokesman added: “We are pleased with this decision by the courts as this partial closure order will result in better protection for certain individuals involved in the case, as well as the wider community.

“Public safety is one of this Council’s top priorities and working together with Wiltshire Police we will continue to take necessary actions to keep people safe.”