Care after accident

On Wednesday morning I visited the Swindon Tennis Centre at St Marks Recreation Centre, Swindon.

The centre is superb and so is, as I was later to experience, are the staff and coaches.

Unfortunately, later on during a doubles match, I collided with the net and post.

I did not get up. Something was seriously wrong in my left shoulder area.

There were abrasions to my forehead, nose and right knee. There was also a deep cut to my right elbow.

My friends notified the centre and I received a high standard of first aid, assurance and bandage application from Annette.

She thought my shoulder was dislocated. An ambulance was requested. It was a busy time for them and expected arrival time was 45+ minutes.

During this time, as well as my pain, my eyesight started to diminish and Annette took the correct action to rectify this.

The Manager and Head Coach Craig offered advice and updates on the situation.

When Paramedics Kevin and Helen arrived, they assessed me on the ground and later in the ambulance.

Pain relief was gratefully received and they assured and prepared me for A&E in these difficult times.

A further assessment followed at A&E and then X-rays were taken. These indicated a dislocated left shoulder with a chipped bone.

The shoulder was later put back in place after I had sedation. Later, the cut to my elbow was stitched and my abrasions cleaned.

A rest in observations and I was discharged.

I was able to observe the high standard of work and care by the paramedics, doctors and nursing staff at the Great Western Hospital during this difficult time with the Covid.

To the staff at the Swindon Tennis Centre, who also checked on my welfare later in the evening, the NHS / GWH and my sporting friends for their concerns, I would like to extend a big thank to you all by writing this letter.

Peter Amies

Lineacre Close

Grange Park

Perfect personal trainer

I see that Blustering Boris has acquired a personal trainer at a reputed £165 an hour , to reduce his weight, as you do.

I similarly acquired a personal trainer three weeks ago, at much less cost.

As soon as I met this young lady we bonded.Within an hour I had moved her into my home and my bedroom.

Readers be assured I have not let the Covid -19 farce effect my common sense.

I have rehomed a seven year old springer spaniel.

I walk her three times a day,I probably do about nine miles, while off the lead, not near traffic, she does about thirty miles on the run.

Dog lovers are nearly a quarter of the British population. I vowed that after the loss of my little Westie six months ago, my dog owning days were over.

A very close friend informed of this little lady looking for a new home.

Forgive me for breaking that vow animal lovers united.

You will all understand. God Bless,

Bill Williams.

Merlin Way,