NEW LED streetlamps being installed across the town are so bright that people are struggling to sleep at night.

Neighbours on Penhill Drive are not happy with the new eco-friendly light fixtures, comparing them to the County Ground floodlights.

All 28,000 of Swindon’s streetlights are being replaced by the council as part of a scheme is costing £6.9m which is due to be complete by the end of next year.

Some Adver readers had similar issues on their street while others were not bothered by the brightness.

Here's what you told us on Facebook...

CLAIRE CHILCOTT: "Wish the one outside bedroom window would stop working! They are awful!"

JAC DAWSON: "We have these in our street. Luckily, the day after they were put in (one right outside my front gate), my one and about five others were not working, so not so bad as yet."

TRACEY KNAPP: "They don’t bother me."

ELIZABETH STOKER: "Don't bother me either. We need to be looking at more energy efficient ways of powering the town."

GAIL BAKER: "I’m not complaining. It saves the council money and we don’t need to switch our lights on in the living room of an evening."

SAMMIE PHIPPS: "Hate them. I keep thinking a car is parked outside when it's not, it's the new lights - not good for my anxiety! And I'm hoping they never fix the one outside my bedroom."

JENNIE FELLOWES: "One lights up my bedroom window like a football pitch, flows through a blackout blind and curtains. We’ve got used to it but can be annoying. You can ask for a baffle to be put on the via the SBC website."

CHARLENE PARSONS: "I actually think they're okay. Yes, they are bright at night but I just close my bedroom door. It lights up my drive as well, which I prefer than it being all dark and I cant see whats going on outside around my drive."

JILL CUSS: "We have that problem. These lights are so bright, coming directly into your living rooms."

SALLY CLARK: "I don't have a problem with them, but I'm sure those with lights right outside their house are bothered by them. Personally, its great for CCTV as the street is well lit. However it also makes it easier for scumbags to see what they're doing."

LIZ WOODMAN: "The lights are great outside but it's like trying to sleep in an arena. My bedroom window is between two lights on Ermin Street. Going to have to invest in some black out curtains."

JANE TOOMER: "They were installed in our close in Stratton a couple of years ago, haven't had a decent night's sleep since, they are so bright! Like having a spotlight shining through the window!"

LISA ROSE: "Have one right outside my kids' bedroom and front room. It's so bright they declare the sun is on again every evening when it switches on."