Sequels are never as good as the original. It is a fairly robust rule.

There are exceptions but for every Terminator 2 there’s a Matrix Reloaded. For every Back To The Future II there’s a Back To The Future III.

The first part of a story is the best part. It’s where we learn a lot about ourselves and deal with the big issues.

In the second part of a story everything is less impressive. It’s why we have eight different films showing Peter Parker turning into Spider-Man.

I mention this because we could be heading into Lockdown II: The Sequel.

After the number of positive tests for Covid increased sharply the Government is bringing in new restrictions.

They are reducing the number of people you can have in your house from 30 to six.

Firstly, who was having 30 people in their homes?

I don’t have enough chairs. Even if people are willing to sit on the floor, who has that many cups?

You can’t have more than six friends inside your home but you can go to the pub and be inside with many strangers.

Why do they think strangers are safer than friends? Have they met my friends?

Is this a ruse to get us all out in the pubs supporting the economy?

They have been telling us to get back to work, to school and into restaurants and we haven’t all been listening.

If they make being at home more boring perhaps we will start to listen to them. It’s Sneak Out To Help Out.

I was shocked to hear the Government plan to make it a requirement for all pubs to take contact details of the drinkers.

I didn’t realise it wasn’t before. Why have I been handing out my phone number before a drinking session?

It’s like trying to pull but in the wrong order.

There has also been an update to the slogan. It started as, “Stay at home, protect the NHS, save lives.”

That was easy to follow.

Then came, “Stay alert, control the virus, save lives.”

That seems like advice you’d give to a Jedi.

Now we have, “Hands, face, space.”

It feels like it’s missing the part that says, “Knees and toes, knees and toes.”

The goal is to take the advice simpler, clearer and easier to follow.

So much for relying on our common sense.

I am willing do to whatever it takes to stop another lockdown.

I’m bored with stockpiling, working on Zoom and binge watching Netflix.

I’ve seen all of the good films on there. If we’re locked down again I may have to start watching sequels. Argh!