SEVERAL years of campaigning to bring in a 40mph speed limit through a tiny hamlet near Chiseldon have moved up a gear.

Motorists can currently reach 60mph on the country lane through Draycot Foliat.

But Chiseldon Parish Council is applying for a traffic regulation order to cut the speed on Draycott Close because of fears for the safety of people living there.

Borough councillor Jenny Jefferies said: “Although Draycott Close consists of a small number of houses it is on a blind bend and resident parking space is limited, with the need to reverse into the main road.

“We are delighted that the residents’ concerns have been addressed.”

The bid, which is being backed by Swindon Borough Council, is currently going through the consultation stage and people in the area are encouraged to have their say before the September 23 deadline.

Parish council chairman Matt Harris said: “Draycott Close which passes through Draycott Foliat is presently an unrestricted road which means that vehicles can legally travel through the hamlet at the national speed limit of 60mph.

“Residential parking is highly limited at that location, with vehicles having to back out from an angled parking bay onto the road.

“Chiseldon Parish Council has been approached by residents of Draycot Foliat on a number of occasions asking us to address the speed of vehicles and parking provision in the area.

“Parish councillors have worked with borough councillors Jenny Jefferies and Brian Mattock to address the matter and we are pleased that our request to reduce the speed limit on the road to 40mph has been supported by them and the borough highways officers.”

Coun Jefferies said she looked forward to the results of the public consultation which would hopefully lead to the speed limit being lowered.

Information about the traffic regulation order has been published on the council’s website. It says the reason for the order is to avoid danger to people or traffic using the route.

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