PUPILS across Swindon and Wiltshire have tested positive for coronavirus earlier this week. All Year 9 pupils at Royal Wootton Bassett Academy were asked to self-isolate for 14 days until September 25 after one of them was diagnosed with Covid-19. A student also tested positive for coronavirus at Lainesmead Primary school. And St Margaret’s Preparatory School in Calne is taking extra precautionary measures after a Year 3 pupil caught coronavirus. Here’s what you told us on Facebook…

Sam Baker: “This virus isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. We need to get back to normal.

“Even if they shut the schools the virus is still going to continue to spread.”

Erica Stanton: “Prior to kids returning to school, they were out in groups socialising every day - the older ones obviously - this has nothing to do with returning to school.

“It’s because a lot of people have let the discipline of Covid safety go, because they think it’s all over!

“Kids are running around supermarkets again, gathering in big groups with no distancing at all.

“This is why Covid has hit again, it’s nothing to do with going back to school.”

Sarah Jane Lewis: “Yet, they’ve been hanging out with friends since summer and never caught anything.”

Sonia Adameke: “Most schools are testing positive. My thoughts and prayers are with their parents.

“Eat Out to Help Out should have been spent on laptops and free internet for these kids to learn online until the situation improves.”

Jo Horgan: “I passed Hreod Burna school at home time last week, and on my way back from giving blood today I passed Kingsdown pupils on their way home.

“They were all congregating in large peer groups and not a face mask in sight. "It’s only a matter of time before it spreads.”

Gary E Ratcliffe: “Are you surprised? It was just waiting to happen.

“First, the government announce children don’t carry the virus, then they are all sent back to school and in the first week all sent home to “Kill Granny”, the ones who have survived this Government pandemic.”

Gemma Anderson: “Well that’s a shock... NOT! Only a matter of time before schools close down again and we are all back to square one.”

Jade Davies Upsall: “People moan so much... we’ve just been a lockdown.

“There’s a world pandemic and a Year 9 cohort has been asked to self-isolate just in case because a fellow Year 9 is positive for Covid-19.

“We are going into a second wave and the rules are set to help protect us.

“Why can’t people just accept that and get on with it?”

Kiddle Ruth: “I feel sorry for the one who tested positively, they may be feeling so upset,”

Simone Williams: “They are in whole year bubbles at school so 200-odd kids in one bubble, if they are allowed to mix in school, they are going to do it on the way home.”

Emmaline Richards: “Surely, if someone in the school has tested positive it’s not just going to stick that specific year group is it?”

Emma Plumb: “I’m starting to think they opened the schools too soon.”

Elizabeth Graney: “We have a Year 9 student that was sent home. I work from home, so we are lucky but neither my husband or I have to isolate according to official guidance.”