As Prime Minister Boris Johnson declared we were going into lockdown for three weeks from March, 23, who knew what life had in store for us all.

Six months on, we’ve taken a look back at some of Swindon’s biggest, strangest and down-right outrageous moments:

1.That time we asked you how much toilet roll you had in your house...

Swindon Advertiser:

In a ‘normal’ world being asked this question would seem totally outrageous.

However, at the start of the pandemic when people rushed to the supermarkets to empty the shelves of daily essentials, we all wanted to know how much loo roll everyone had saved up in their homes.

The lucky few like Michelle Razey had around 45 while many of us had that horrible moment like Becca Louise Edmonds, when we realised we were down to our last roll.

Luckily, the world has calmed down a little and we aren’t all getting in a tizz about toilet paper.

2. Panic buying mania and stockpiling outrageousness

Swindon Advertiser:

Back in March, the fury of the nation presided over the empty shelves of our supermarkets and toilet roll wasn’t the only thing people were missing out on.

From pasta to yeast, potatoes to cat litter, readers let us know about all the essentials being nabbed and hoarded in the town.

As a result, supermarket restrictions were put in place to limit the number of people from a single household entering, the number of items someone could buy and the times in which we could visit the stores.

3. When the incredible Prospect Hospice lockdown appeal raised £1m

Swindon Advertiser:

In a little more than two months Prospect Hospice raised more than £1m after it launched an urgent appeal.

Fearing it faced a £2m budget black hole as a result of the pandemic shutting its shops, halting fundraising efforts and increasing the workload of nurses and carers - the appeal was launched.

In around 10 weeks the bosses of Prospect Hospice £1,019,000 through the Help Us To Support You Appeal.

4.Celebrating our wonderful frontline staff on the 72nd anniversary of the NHS

Swindon Advertiser:

Clap for Carers ran for 10 weeks during the height of lockdown and saw us all stand outside our homes or clap out the windows on a Thursday at 8pm.

On July 5 the initiative returned to mark the 72nd anniversary of our NHS.

Staff at Great Western Hospital joined people across Swindon to clap for our health workers in celebration of the NHS’ birthday.

5. Lovely bundles of joy brightening our lonely lockdown

Swindon Advertiser:

Amid the misery of the pandemic and the potential loneliness of lockdown, the news stories that made many of us smile were the tales of babies born during the pandemic.

When times were tough and it seemed that we were stuck in a dystopian world there was nothing quite like seeing fresh new life blooming.

Although the gorgeous bundles of joy could not be shown off in the ‘normal’ way to friends and family, the county enjoyed seeing the charming newborns in the Adver.

Have we missed your most memorable story? Let us know in the comments.