ADVER readers voiced their views on the new guidelines and the government encouraging us to work from home after originally insisting on a return to the office.

Stacy Simpkins said: “No idea what a 10pm curfew is going to do. It’s just going to encourage people to get to the pubs and ram them out in the afternoon like it’s the hottest day of the year. Where’s the sense in that?”

Debbie Sherwood said: “Ridiculous, all that will achieve is more people getting their drinking time in before 10pm.”

Maria Parsons said: “I think the curfew is a stupid idea the virus hasn’t got a clock in and clock-out card.”

David Charter said: “Far too soft. I would close all bars and restaurants for a month. No visiting inside anybody’s house. That would probably do the trick.”

Marc Culliford said: “This is what happens when all the people that don’t care when it’s hot all go to the beaches and parks, ram them out, then cry about it when restrictions happen again.

“This is just the beginning, this will get worse and things will close down again because of the selfish.”

Nigel Turrell said: “It doesn’t matter what he does, half the people don’t listen. If they did what he said in the first place, we might not be where we are now.”

Dave Durston said: “At last retail staff are finally being forced to wear masks. It’s about time. It’s absolutely ridiculous that shoppers must wear them but staff have been allowed to wander amongst us in groups chatting away with no masks.”

Tan Wilson said: “Another pile of contradictions then. Can’t play team sports but can still go to the pub, just for one hour less. Also can still go to a heaving supermarket and go to church.”

AJ Taylor said: “The virus is now working night shifts is it?”

Euan Mercer said: “One of the biggest problems is that [the government] is repeating earlier mistakes, failing to change things that aren’t working and not using the experience of other countries to inform their decisions.”

Maria Phillips said: “The reason that we are still seeing it rising is because people will not adhere to the rules.

“If you haven’t lost anyone [or] got people who have been ill, [or] got anyone old, [or] got anyone working in care or hospital – these are the people who couldn’t care less.

“Most people do care and are doing their best to try and live a normal life as safely as they can.