Swindon MPs Justin Tomlinson and Robert Buckland have called on residents in Swindon to download the new NHS Covid-19 app.

The app will alert people if they have been close to someone who later tests positive for coronavirus, and will provide risk alerts based on their postcode, allow them to scan QR codes to check in at venues, and allow people to book tests if they have symptoms.

The app logs the amount of time spent and distance from other app users, and sends an alert if you have been close to someone who later tests positive for Covid-19.

The app will advise you to self-isolate if you have been in close contact with a confirmed case.

The UK’s major mobile network operators, including Vodafone, Three, EE and O2, Sky and Virgin, have confirmed that all in-app activity will not come out of customers’ data allowance.

Businesses are now required by law to display NHS Test and Trace QR code posters so customers with the app can use it to check-in. So far, more than 90,000 businesses have already downloaded QR codes. Venues in Wales that are legally required to collect and keep a record of visitors will still need to do so.

The app has been through successful trials in the Isle of Wight, Newham and among NHS Volunteer Responders and lessons learned have informed the final version.

Mr Buckland said: “Recent days have been a stark reminder of the threat that coronavirus still poses to our community. The new NHS Covid-19 app will be an important tool for helping to reduce the spread of the virus.

“I urge everyone in Swindon who can to download this new app as soon as possible, to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Mr Tomlinson said: “We are at a tipping point in our efforts to control the spread of this virus. With infection rates rising we must use every tool at our disposal to prevent transmission, including the latest technology.”

“And of course, it is vital that all of us continue to follow those golden rules of Hands, Face, Space, and that people self-isolate when told to do so.”