A MUM says students hurled abuse at her while flouting social distancing rules as she walked two under-8s to primary school.

Emily Barnes of Redhouse was taking her eight-year-old son Dylan and her friend’s daughter, 7, to Red Oaks Primary School in Blunsdon St Andrew when she found her route blocked by teenagers.

They were congregating in the area and outside Abbey Park School.

Emily, 30, told the Adver: “There was a huge amount of students, no social distancing at all, it was just chaos.

“I asked some students to move so there would be room for parents trying to get to Red Oaks and that’s when one of the them turned to me and said ‘why don’t you f*** off’.

“I told them that coronavirus is still here and to just make room for others. It took me aback a bit that they reacted like that. There’s always been issues from the teenagers there and I’ve ignored it but it’s different when it’s to do with the safety of other children and parents.”

After the children swore at her she went to the headteacher Jon Young to explain what happened.

“It was a nightmare trying to get through,” Emily said.

“They are always shouting and swearing, they don’t think about who is around them. It can be quite intimidating, my son and my friend’s daughter were okay. They were a bit confused about they they were shouting at me but I worry about the younger ones.

“I went over to the headteacher and he recognised that it was unacceptable and it was a lot busier that morning because the gates were opened late.

“He said he would speak to the students, it is hard for them to keep them all in control but something needs to happen.”

Mr Young told the Adver: “We’ve got new arrangements with students coming to and from the school in terms of a staggered start due to Covid-19, we’re following guidance to ensure students are coming in with their year groups.

“We have opened another entrance to the school and we aspire for good conduct of our students at all times. We have people on duty in front of the school and we do talk to parents regularly about any issues.

“I told this parent I would make the appropriate intervention which was to speak with the students. We often do speak in assemblies to give them reminders about conduct.

“If this continues to be a problem then we will look to make those necessary adjustments.”