ADVER Readers have started to notice signs of panic-buying across Swindon after Boris Johnson’s latest announcement.

Customers found empty shelves in the toilet roll aisle in Asda in West Swindon and in North Swindon earlier this week.

A director at the British Retail Consortium has urged consumers to “shop as you normally would”.

Here’s what you told us on Facebook…

Ellie Wilson-Murray: “It’s happening. I’ve been to Asda and it’s emptying fast.”

Alan Kershaw: “I saw a guy in Asda Walmart with two trolleys full of toilet roll, antibacterial wipes and Wall’s microwave sausages.

“He wasn’t wearing a mask either.”

Becky Fowle: “So this is why Aldi had absolutely nothing in it for the past few nights! People need to get a grip.”

Kay Craughwell: “I got to do my shopping for the next six weeks with seven children and two adults I really hope I can get it done.”

Franky Young: “People are panic buying though, that’s the issue and there’s absolutely no need for it. Shops are still going to be open.”

Liam Anderson: “It is disgusting people take more than what they actually need and don’t think of other people with kids and the disabled and elderly people.”

Karen Caswell: “There was this man in Lidl this evening literally filling the backseat of his car with toilet rolls.”

Ieva Purinasa: “I haven’t been to shops recently, when I went last time – around a week ago to Morrison’s in Haydon End – there was no panic, plenty of everything.”

Rachel Hall: “If this is happening already, then the shops need to act and put restrictions on it.

“Why can’t people just use common sense and be sensible.”

Carol Christmas: “There’s no lockdown. Only difference from last week and week before and week before, etc is pubs close at 10!

“Why would you need to buy extra loo roll for that?”

Sue Allen: “I’ve been to Iceland today, it looks all okay, no sign of panic buying, thank God. No need to do it anyway.”

Jan Cowan: “Shops should limit now, not like last time as that was too late!”

Sherry Hawkins: “It shouldn’t happen! There should be a restriction in place, with two items per person.”

Patrick Nicholls: “No-one need to panic buy. Supermarket supply chains are incredibly efficient and will always be restocked overnight.

“I’ve driven for enough of them to know. Share and make sure everyone has the chance to buy stuff.”

Karen Wakefield: “Shops need to limit the number per person immediately.”

Joy Lyons: “The shops should put a limit on stuff and learn from six months ago!”

Tracy Cox: “Lidl at the Orbital was out of plain rice and pasta, low on tins, that was Monday afternoon.”

Lucy Bolderston: “The other shelves were fine from what I saw it was just the toilet rolls in Sainsbury’s in Stratton.”

Sonia Dykes: “Well, I hope if this is starting to happen again, the supermarkets actually stop it by restricting certain items now.”

Becky Burberry: “We went to Orbital Asda Tuesday and it was fine, popped back yesterday to grab something we forgot and there was no toilet roll left! It’s ridiculous, people are pathetic. It’s not necessary to stock up if everyone is reasonable.”

Vicki Renner: “Asda in West Swindon are already running really low on toilet roll.”

Margaret Stirling: “I really don’t understand why people are buying toilet paper.

“Haven’t they got enough left from the last fiasco!”

Natalie Ullah: “I don’t get why everyone is panic buying.

“The supermarket is going to be open like it was last time, but people didn’t care.”

Jill Cuss: “It’s so ridiculous and selfish.”

Michelle Wilton: “And it was the panic buying that caused such a bad outbreak of coronavirus in the beginning of the pandemic.”