EARLY MORNING shoppers have already emptied supermarket shelves of toilet roll.

Staff have been hard at work restocking the bare aisles as quickly as possible because people are stocking up in case of a second lockdown.

The government has stressed that it is doing all it can to avoid returning to the restrictions first introduced in March but that does not seem to have stopped some from buying more than they need.

One customer at the Orbital Shopping Centre Asda was seen carrying two armfuls of loo roll multipacks towards the checkouts while other customers' full trolleys filled the aisle.

Shoppers seem to be picky about which type of toilet paper they buy, as there was plenty of stock for own-brand packs and Charmin but Andrex areas were often the emptiest.

One shopper at the Sainsbury's in Stratton looked at the limited choice available and said aloud that she would have to go somewhere else.

Another, who did not wish to give his name, told the Adver: "It's ridiculous, really. There's no need for this. The people panic buying are the ones causing the problem."