A mum has criticised a lack of social distancing as she was abused by teenagers when walking her child to school.

Emily Barnes of Redhouse was taking her eight-year-old son Dylan and her friend’s daughter, 7, to Red Oaks Primary School in Blunsdon St Andrew when she found her route blocked by teenagers. The group was outside Abbey Park School and when she asked some of the students to clear a space so she could get through she was abused. The school has said it would make ‘the appropriate intervention’ and would make necessary adjustments if the problem continued. Here’s what you said on Facebook:

Pauline Sheppard: “The kids of today have no manners and very rude.”

Lorraine Hesketh: “It’s like this at every school. I walk my eight and two-year-old to school in Wootton Bassett and the academy are always shouting and swearing and don’t care about anyone walking past.”

Lisa Perry: “The majority of kids out there are polite and respectful.

"Unfortunately a minority have been dragged up or are so insecure they play up to their so called peers.

“It has always been this way, can’t see how it will change.

“I would like to add that when I say dragged up I mean raised with no manners or respect. That’s wealthy parents as well as poor.”

Christine Greenwell Smutek: “It’s horrible that the minority of rude ones ruin it for the perfectly decent ones.

“I have teenage grandchildren and none of them would act like that. I think maybe they just try to show how hard they are to their mates.

“I bet if they were on their own they wouldn’t act or speak that way. So sad.”

Marie Seagrave: “I don’t think you can say it’s the school just because a couple off kids have acted that way.

“My son goes to a different secondary school in Swindon and yes there’s teenagers that are gobby and out of control but that’s not the schools fault as they are very strict with this sort of behaviour and most of the kids are pleasant and polite.”

Sharon Mason: “I agree that some of the young people are disgraceful, but not all are.

“There are some who are very polite, caring and helpful.

“I think some of us older ones are just as rude, so let’s not paint them all with the same brush.”

Angela Sindy Reid: “If they are in a uniform then they should respect that and behaving accordingly they are representative of that school at all times.

“Year heads, heads of house, prefects should be making the kids responsible for their behaviour and actions.

“This goes for anytime, not just Covid times.”

Zoe Marie: “I walk past them every day and live next to the school, the majority are not like this.

“Are they all social distancing when they come out? "No but neither are the parents and children from the primary school either.

“I have been past many schools and it’s the same, plus loads of kids including Red Oaks have children who are not social distancing and in big groups (parents included).

“It’s not the whole school and it has absolutely improved from Isambard.”

Alan Walklett: “Record them and post all over social media.

“They will soon realise how stupid it was to do it and hopefully won’t do it again.

“Only way to treat these scum bags with no respect.”

Natalie Wiles: “I am not surprised at this fowl language and attitude.

“I know of many parents who act the same.”

Margaret Sanderson: “Then they wonder why there are more cases totally ignorant.”

Wil Wilson: “Swindon is such a lovely place.”

Carol Hardiman: “Disgrace, shame on them kids.”

Sarah Hayes: “It’s not the school, it’s a minority of children, my kids go to this school.

“Them and their friends are very respectful and polite.”

Davide Petraccini: “The best of Swindon.”