October is here, and that means one thing... time to get spooked.

If you're looking for a good old fright, you'll find an abundance of petrifying paranormal locations to visit in Swindon.

Here are the spookiest places to visit in and around the town:

Lydiard House, Swindon

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This Grade I listed property is set amongst acres of parkland and has a long and tumultuous history. 

Owned by the St John family for hundreds of years, the house is said to still be haunted by the original Sir John St John. 

After losing three of his sons during the bloody Civil War, it is said that Sir John could never get over the grief and vowed never to leave until his sons returned home. 

According to psychic investigators, some other members of the St John family are also present in spirit form in and around the property. 

Littlecote House, Hungerford

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The 16th Century Littlecote House is the third most haunted house in the country. 

One ghost is that of a black dog, rumour has it that if you go to stroke the pet then your hand will fall straight through.

Littlecote House is the third most haunted house in the country. 

Another spirit is Wild Will Darrell's who owned the house in the 1500s. He came to an abrupt end after being thrown from his horse at the aptly named Darrell's Stile in 1587. 

There is also the 'phantom mother' whose baby was murdered on a roaring open fire, allegedly by Wild Will, in the presence of a local blindfolded midwife who had just delivered the child from its masked mother.

It is rumoured that the tragic mother was actually Wild Will’s sister – whoever she was she has been seen many times since too as has the midwife.

In 1970, a visiting journalist saw midwife carrying a baby in the haunted bedroom.

Westwood Manor, Bradford-on-Avon

This spooky 15th Century Manor has retained many original features and is decorated in a style in keeping with the properties history. 

The 'Corner Bedroom' is said to be repeatedly haunted by an unknown woman, many guests who have stayed in the room report barely being able to sleep or having a very disrupted slumber. 

Many of the rooms in the Manor are haunted including the Music Room where visitors have noticed tobacco smoke rising and curling above a high-backed chair.

Ancient Ram Inn, Wotton-Under-Edge

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The Ancient Ram Inn is said to be one of the most haunted homes in Europe, possessed by a terrifying and sinister energy.

Ghost hunters have overnight stays here to try and contact the poltergeist that haunts the Grade II listed building. 

It has been investigated by numerous national and international ghost hunters on many occasions and is said to rarely fail to terrify even the most hardened investigators.

In the former bar room several apparitions have been seen along including an old Innkeeper and his daughters. Frequently encountered is the spirit of a lady by known as Elizabeth, she is believed to have been murdered and buried beneath the bar.

Avebury Stone Circle, Avebury

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Image courtesy of Haunted Britain and Ireland. 

The ancient stone circles at Avebury date back between 4,000 and 2,400 BC. 

Steeped in mystery it is thought that ancient gods that our ancestors worshipped have never departed.

One of the stones is known as the 'Barber Stone' after people, on behalf of the church, began toppling the stones in the 1500s. The stone crushed a man whose tools were buried with him that indicated he could have been a barber.

It is said that people have seen strange ghostly figures moving about the stones at night and have heard singing when no one else was nearby.

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