Why does the left hate Donald Trump?

In reply to the comments of Martin and Mark Webb (SA, October 6) concerning Donald Trump.

Whilst recognising that his behaviour can be at times unedifying, any president that will stand for the life of the unborn,de-escalate its military actions across the world,(gaining two Nobel peace prize nominations)-make a serious attempt at peace in the Middle East and move its Israel embassy to Jerusalem-(its rightful place) this president has my vote.

I do not believe him to be a racist,and although there is a tiny minority that are,the vast majority of white conservatives who will vote for him are not.

Please see Trump's full comments after Charlottesville and not the edited versions repeated by a cynical media.

In fact,white conservatives will have much more in common with a Black or Hispanic conservative than with any white leftist,and conversely of course Black or Hispanic conservatives will find much more harmony with a white conservative than any Black or Hispanic leftist.

Maybe the real reason the left hate Trump is because he represents a world that will not bow to the destructive leftist ideology that is increasingly dominating our culture,an ideology that seeks to suppress and even cancel those that dare to think differently - an ideology that breeds hatred and division through identity politics.

This "woke" nightmare thinking is a threat to everything we hold dear in our nation.

May people of all colours and ethnicities stand together against it.

Steve Jack,

Parsonage Court


Don't put fellow citizens' lives at risk from Covid

Bill Williams hopes, as I expect most of us do, to surpass the average longevity for his age group (SA, October 9). I hope he succeeds.

Why does he not understand that coronavirus represents the biggest current threat to his doing so?

He is quite wrong to say that it is less deadly than flu. Figures just published by the Office of National Statistics show that between January and August over three times as many people died of Covid in England and Wales than died of pneumonia and flu combined in the same period in any of the last 20 years.

We are fortunate that Swindon currently has a low infection rate. This can change very quickly.

Nottingham went from a similarly low rate to the highest rate in the country in the space of a fortnight.

Hospitals in the north of England are close to being overwhelmed with Covid cases. If that happens here any of us, including Mr Williams, who may need hospital treatment for another ailment might find there is no space for us.

The government’s handling of the pandemic has been shambolic.

However angry and despondent that may make us feel, we all owe it to our fellow citizens to accept that many things we would like to do are not possible at present without putting other people’s lives at risk.

Peter Gallagher

Folkestone Road

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