Have you ever wondered where the scariest paranormal hotspots in Swindon are?

We already know of some of the ancient places in and around Swindon that are haunted - but these aren’t the only places said to have spooky goings-on, in fact our town is filled with haunted houses and ghouls.

We have created an interactive map documenting some spooky sightings and ghostly apparition that are said to have taken place in Swindon- some of them might have happened on a street near you.

Information sourced from Paranormal Databases.

A famous exorcism took place in a family home on Westbury Road in 1973 and was broadcast by the BBC. 

The Pellymounter family who lived here reported a number of poltergeist-like events, including personal items being moved around, doors which opened and closed by themselves, a radio which turned itself on and off, and whisperings.

Sheryl Pellymounter once said: "In the hall you could hear whispering noises and rustling noises as if someone was walking by."

Another family in 2001 were renting a property in the Middleaze area for six months - they reported an abundance of paranormal activity. 

There were a number of events which would only occur in the living room, including a TV which would stitch itself off, a telephone answering machine which played itself, dimming lights, a smoke alarm which would sound even when the power was disconnected, and the smell of a man's aftershave.

Have you ever experienced any paranormal activity in Swindon? Let us know when and where in the comments below.