An 11-year-old has raised more than £500 for his school after completing his charity cycle.

Brook Field Primary School pupil Dominik Manship and his father Mike decided to do a two-day bike ride as a way of replacing some of the lost revenue at the school.

The pair, from Freshbrook, originally set the target at £100 but beat that and are currently at £520.

Their route took them to Marlborough, Avebury and home across two days.

Although cycling 60 miles, more than the 50 they originally targeted, the first day got off to a rocky start.

Dominik said: “The first morning before lunch it went beautifully and went really well, but then then in the afternoon we had two punctures.

“A rusty nail had gone straight through the tyre and we didn’t notice the second one at first so it kept going down.

“We called my mum for back-up and by the time she got there we had found the second one and fixed it.”

Mike added: “It was getting a bit dark by the time we got home at 6pm, we were out for eight hours in the end, we should have been home about 4pm but the punctures cost us a couple of hours.”

Other than the punctures on the first day, the cycle went pretty well.

Mike said: “We didn’t have any problems with the weather, the sun didn’t shine all the time but we saw a bit and it was nice.

“Day two wasn’t our favourite day.”

Dominik explained: “There was this path we had to go on which was as if it was supposed to be for mountain bikers even though it was a national cycle route.

“It was all puddly and wet and wasn’t very nice. It took a lot of effort to actually keep upright, it was for proper mountain bikers.”

The area in question was close to Barbury Castle but the duo managed to make it through.

Thanks to the money raised so far from Dominik’s Go Fund Me, the pair are hoping the school will be able to provide some new kit to the students.

Dominik said: “Now that I think about it, I don’t really know what they could use it for but we’re going to have a chat with the staff and find out.

“But I want it to benefit as many people as possible.”

After the successful ride Dominik wasn't sure if he'd be back in the saddle again anytime soon.

"I don't know if I'll do anymore," Dominik said. "Maybe, we'll see how this whole thing finishes up and people can still donate which would be amazing."

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