IF you fancy stepping out into the great outdoors this weekend then you might want to head to Old Town.

South Swindon Parish Council is holding a community raking event on Saturday afternoon at the Evelyn Street embankment between Marlborough Road and Marlborough Lane.

Starting at 2pm, people in groups no bigger than six are invited to join parish councillors Jane Milner-Barry, Linda Kasmaty and Neil Hopkins as part of the parish council’s efforts to make the area a wildlife meadow.

A statement from the parish council said: “The grass had been allowed to grow long this year to provide habitats for wildlife.

“It has now been cut, and the next critical stage for a meadow to emerge is to remove the grass by raking it. The parish council will then collect the excess grass.”

Anyone joining the event should bring their own rakes as the parish will be unable to provide any.

The parish has also asked each group should remain socially distant and follow all Covid guidelines.