Prime minister Boris Johnson has been facing calls for a two week lockdown being called a 'circuit breaker'.

The idea of the lockdown, during October half term, would be to stop the spread of Covid-19.

It emerged that the PM dismissed this idea that was backed by the UK's top scientists.

Labour Leader Kier Starmer has argued for the lockdown saying that pubs, bars and restaurants should be closed.

Adver readers voted in a poll on the issue with 59 per cent of the vote agreeing with the idea of a 'circuit breaker' lockdown.

Only 21 per cent disagreed with the idea with the other 20 per cent suggesting the country should learn to live with the virus.

Here's what you said on Facebook:

Adam Poole: "It is very worrying that so many people think they know better than trained experienced scientists.

"That does not bode well for the future."

Kev Cottrell: "The only ones who back it are the ones who are retired or financially comfortable to be able to afford a loss of wages.

"What about the people who can't afford to lose any wage and the ones whose businesses are at risk from another lockdown?

"It will be destroying for a lot of people so backing a lockdown is ludicrous."

Paul Parfoot: "Why appoint these medical scientists if you are not going to listen to what they say?

"The only way is a short lockdown.

"Perhaps it will stop the ones that are ignoring all the rules."

David Oakley: "Rubbish. A circuit breaker will just delay things.

"We had three months and that didn't work. Why would two weeks work?"

Mark Sanderson: "Two weeks in not going to change anything, I can't see any option other than herd immunity."

Martin Gadd: "I'm sure a two to four week nationwide very strict lockdown, with all infected persons, tracked, traced and quarantined would rid the country of the virus.

"It does 'decompose' on surfaces, and in the air in hours, and days, 10 days at most after all.

"The problem is humans carrying it.

"If no one went anywhere at all, and had four weeks supply of food and essentials it would be gone. Of course, that's impossible to implement, but the closer we can get to that the better.

"Plus stop all incoming flights, trains, ships. It would be incredibly expensive, but how many billions have the government wasted already, and how much are they going to waste over the following year or more?

"Get it done properly, once and for all.

"Shame we aren't an island or we could have just stopped international arrivals before day one and none of this would have happened at all. Oh, we are an island."

Tony Martin: "They all look a complete shambles, political point scoring and no agreement on anything.

"Meanwhile Covid just gets on doing its thing and the NHS starts creaking."

Laura Seston: "Totally agree - people won’t do what’s best for them so the government need to force them too.

"I am sick of the 'I will be ok' attitude when people are losing loved ones.

"You may not be vulnerable and you may be able to cope with mild symptoms but thousands can’t and will die.

"If it was your loved one, wouldn’t you do anything you could to save them? Some people need to have a long hard think."

Ben Carr: "We either need to lockdown fully for three weeks, no flights in or out etc, or look after vulnerable, and let us live a normal life and learn from the virus."

Jon Davis: "It will cause a loss of more jobs and destroy the economy more, people just need to stick to the rules.

"So many times I've gone to the supermarket to see people with chin warmers or masks under their noses and taking masks off to chat to their friends in the Isles.

"Stick to the rules and this nightmare can finally end."

Donald Francis Clements: "Lock down the under 24s that way the rest of us can lead a normal life."