Police praised people who tipped them off to suspicious activity at the Bowleymead house – leading them to the £36,000 heroin and crack cocaine haul.

Reacting to the custodial sentences handed to Eldene line members Aaron Betterton and Jack Parfitt last week, Det Sgt Alex Spargo said: “This is a very good result in disrupting the drug supply chain and keeping a significant quantity of drugs off the streets of Swindon.

“As always, this was a dedicated and proactive operation.

“But it would not have been possible without the community engagement and those members of the public who noticed the signs that something wasn’t right and came to us with their suspicions. For that, we’d like to thank those residents who helped us obtain this warrant and assist in a fantastic result.

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The officer added: “This was a particularly difficult case for the officers involved considering the bedroom of a young child was used to cut and bag the drugs and shows complete neglect for the welfare of very vulnerable people in the house.

“It highlights the exploitation of young and vulnerable people associated with drugs and why we are so determined to keep up our robust response to drug dealing to protect those most vulnerable.

“I hope the court result and the lengthy sentence handed down will not only act as a deterrent but also as a warning that if you are involved in drug dealing in Swindon, we will do all we can to find you and you will face prosecution.”

She praised the efforts of local PCSOs and Local Crime Investigator James Purcell, who prepared the investigation for court.