A clubber wiped blood over the face of the man he’d just stamped on a dozen times in what a Swindon judge labelled an “act of gratuitous degradation”.

Malin Samir admitted stamping on his victim after he was thrown out of the Casbah nightclub for punching the same man.

Bailing the 31-year-old to be sentenced on December 4, Judge Peter Crabtree said: “This is a serious offence for which the sentence is inevitably custody.”

Swindon Crown Court earlier heard Samir had been in the Casbah nightclub in Swindon town centre on January 19, 2020.

He approached his victim in the nightclub and punched him once, resulting in him being thrown out by door staff.

When the victim left the Casbah later that evening, bouncers warned him Samir was still in the area. They squared up, at first exchanging words then blows. The victim fell the ground and he was unconscious as Samir rained down an estimated 13 kicks to his head and chest.

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Judge Crabtree said: “One witness refers to 16 such acts [stamps] at a stage when the complainant was lying unconscious. The prosecution says at least 13 and that is evident from the footage I have seen.”

He added: “The ferocious nature of that attack is reflected by one of the witnesses who repeatedly told Mr Samir to stop or he would kill him. The footage also shows the defendant, Mr Samir, going through the complainant’s clothing and then, it is said, smearing blood across [the complainant’s] face.” That final act was labelled “gratuitous degradation” by the judge.

The victim was taken to hospital, where he was found to have broken bones in his face. He had significant swelling and doctors estimated it would take him around a month and a half to two months to recover.

On Tuesday morning, Samir’s barrister, Chris Smyth asked the judge for a Goodyear direction – an indication of the likely sentence his client would receive.

Judge Crabtree said he would hand down a sentence of nine-and-a-half years, although noted that did not factor in mitigation which would reduce any jail time. Mr Smyth said his client was remorseful and was a man of previous good character.

Around 90 minutes later, Samir, of Blandford Court, Park North, returned to court and pleaded guilty to a single count of wounding with intent.

He was bailed to return to Swindon Crown Court for sentence on December 4. The judge ordered that any ID cards that had been seized would remain with the police and he was not allowed to apply for travel documents.