POLICE found weapons including a 16-inch knife and crossbow bolts while searching Penhill and Pinehurst.

Officers from the Stratton, Central Swindon North and West Swindon Neighbourhood Policing Team along with several volunteers used a metal detector to find the dangerous items and discarded phones.

This formed part of an ongoing operation to disrupt drug dealing and drug-related violence in Swindon and to improve community safety.

Neighbourhood inspector Carly Nesbitt said: "This operation was following on from the work of the parish council who have been active in maintaining the open space areas in this part of Central Swindon North.

"We were able to remove a clearly dangerous weapon off the streets, as well as some other significant items.

"I hope this kind of activity reassures the community that we are not just being reactive but also proactive in our attempts to have an impact on illegal activities.

"The operation was another great opportunity to be a visible presence in the locality, and I would like to thank the volunteers who thoroughly enjoyed their day and took pride in maintaining the safety and appearance of the areas.

"It was encouraging to see that there were locations that did not return as many results as we may have expected, which is incredibly positive and shows that there is a collective impact where it matters."

They found the weapons on Saturday October 17.