POLICE arrested four people after stopping a suspicious car and finding stolen goods inside it.

Officers in an unmarked police car on Great Western Way saw a BMW that raised their suspicions around 4.45pm on Saturday.

They pulled the car over at the Apple Green service station near the Cockleberry Roundabout and found a large amount of stolen clothes and household items which are believed to have been stolen from a Hampshire shop.

Three men aged 21, 27 and 34-years-old as well as a 31-year-old woman - all from Newbury - are now in custody at Gablecross Police Station after being arrested on suspicion of theft.

Further evidence in the car showed that they were planning on heading to a store in Swindon to possibly steal more items.

Insp Louis McCoy said: "This was a good piece of policing and observation by the officers around the suspicious behaviour of the suspects which caused them to be stopped in their vehicle.

"It is believed that they have committed offences in another force area and owing to our actions, we have prevented further offences.”