Swindon Borough Council is offering help to those who receive free school meals at school during term time but stopped short of offering food vouchers. The council’s cabinet member for education and finance, deputy leader Russell Holland said the authority was not able to provide meals or make a payment to all free meals recipients in one go. Those who need the help should visit and apply at swindon.gov.uk/info/20013/benefits_and_swindon_money_matters/542/emergency_assistance_fund

Here’s what you said on Facebook:

Britainy June Clark: “Why is everyone on this hype?

“The government never gave free school meals during the holidays.

“My child wont starve because I don’t expect the government to feed my child.

“I have had struggles but I deal with it and go through the right channels like you should do.”

Sammy Bluck: “I had an email from Goddard Park School saying they are handing out £15 vouchers for the half term for their students on free school meals which I thought was fabulous for those needing help.”

Claire Whyte: “It’s a first as far as I’m aware.

“Since when have children had free school meals during half term?

“It just seems that people are experiencing them because they were issued when the schools closed because of the pandemic.”

Victoria Jane: “Morrison’s are doing a family bag, you can pick one or as many as you like up and pay for the bag when you’ve finished your shop, that bag of food then gets donated to families that need the help.

“I know that the council should fund help for these families but with this at least the people that do need help get it.”

Priscilla Anne Howe: “If you feel that driven, offer a bag of food to the food bank.

“They are an excellent service to those in need.”

Jane Evens: “What a surprise.”

Gail Sargeant: “Some people probably do need educating on how to budget and cook meals from scratch.”

Jennie Fellowes: “Gloucestershire County Council is doing them.

"Swindon Borough Council should be ashamed of themselves but then let’s face it with their Ofsted on children’s services in recent years looking after children isn’t something they are very good at.”

Catherine Anne Noonan: “With a bit of pressure they might wake up.

" Of all the backward steps , towards the Victorian era, this has really captured the public’s imagination.

“It’s getting a bit closer to home and some people are waking up.

“Let’s hope Swindon Borough Council sees the light.”

Tina Mottram: “If there is help to be handed out I feel the need is more with families of working parents.

“They are struggling the most and getting the least help with less hours available.

“If on benefits nothing has changed.

"Everyone still gets what they got pre-lockdown.”

Jade-Lee Agnes Maclennan: “This is really sad, so many affected in different ways.

“Some people are oblivious as they are managing okay.

“I definitely think until after Christmas, at least through holidays, parents need some support.”

Tan Wilson: “Truth is, for whatever reason, some fall through the safety net and there are way too many people living in poverty.

“I don’t know why or how and to be honest I don’t need to know why or how.

"What I do know is that not one person, young, old, child or adult should be going hungry in this country.

“Not everyone can access the correct help and it’s down to us that can to help those that can’t.

“I’m not rich in any way and in fact lost my job due to a debilitating illness, however I would never have the attitude of 'I’m managing okay so can everyone else'.

“Because not everyone is managing.

"Don’t be that person that allows a child or adult to go hungry because you believe that person should be doing better.”