All about the numbers

Fifty days remain - from November 12 until our European Union transition ends, with the National Audit Office warning last week of "significant disruption" and "uncertainty" likely to follow due to inadequate Government preparations.

Fifty years may be necessary to fully recognise the "overwhelming opportunity" of Brexit, advocate Jacob Rees-Mogg said in 2018.

With around 50 per cent already saying, with hindsight, leaving the EU was a mistake (YouGov), the odds must be much better than 50/50 of re-joining long before then.

Steve Cowdry

Saddleback Road


Inhumane restrictions

In 2010, whilst Martin was walking through Cavendish Square, Robert Buckland accompanied by exSwindon Tory Councillor Graham Cherry who were out canvassing for the upcoming General Election of that year and in doing so stopped me and engaged in conversation.

During the conversation, Mr.Buckland made a statement that he wouldn't in his words, be like former Labour MP for South Swindon Anne Snelgrove a yes person and I will stand up for my constituents.

Ten years on and a visit to the website They Work For You tells us that he has voted with the Government on nearly every issue since being elected, his most recent vote being, he voted on another national lockdown.

In his SA column of November 4, he said he didn't come into politics to enforce restrictions, so why did he vote for it?

He says a national lockdown is needed because of the growing pressure on the NHS, we believe it's because he's a yes man and is afraid of voting against the Government and fears of losing his position of Justice Secretary.

In voting for another lockdown he has helped introduce the most, inhumane,wicked and callous restrictions in decades.

Justice Secretary Mr.Buckland, where is the justice in telling the public who we can/can't have in our houses? Who we can /can't mix with outside in public? Democracy ? More like dictatorship we think.

Whilst we both recognise the seriousness of Covid virus, we also share the view the restrictions and lockdowns are doing more harm to the country than Covid itself

Martin & Mark Webb

Old Town

Fireworks nightmare

Again we have been plagued by fireworks over the last four days.

I doubt if many who let them off know the reason for doing so, the aftermath of Guy Fawkes attempt was a disgrace to the followers of the Church of England.

No forgiveness only hatred and murder! Although we lost our beloved dog last year we still feel for pet owners who spent hours trying to keep their pets comforted from the noise.

We all accept that fireworks are not going to go away but would our MPs please work to lessen the noise. Every year the explosions get worse.

This year our windows rattled because rockets let off behind our house exploded roof high. Not everyone wants their evenings ruined just because some people have more money than sense!

John Oliver

Brooklands Avenue