A woman says she has been been left feeling “hopeless” after a police investigation into a shooting failed to yield any arrests.

Julie Parsons lives in Lea, near Malmesbury, and, while out nearby on her mobility scooter with her father and small dog, was hit with pellet bullets.

The pair had seen two men with shotguns leave their vehicle and walk into nearby fields.

Later, around 4.30pm, on their way back to Lea they saw the same men lying in the field who allegedly fired two shots as they passed by. One of the shots hit Julie and she yelled at them to stop.

The men disappeared, she says, and Julie and her father rushed home and called the police. Despite extensive interviews, she has been told that no arrests have been made.

Wiltshire Police have confirmed the case has been classed as "undetected."

Julie says she is “incredibly frustrated” at the police response as “nothing has been done.”

She says she knows who the vehicle belongs to, their address and the police have spoken to the men in question - who have denied it was them.

She said: “I was about a quarter of a mile away from my house when we saw two men in camouflage gear near the school.

We carried on and bumped into a couple of people. On our way back we heard shooting, then bullets flew from a field into my body.

“I went to the gateway near the fields and saw two guys laying on the bank near Woodride Brook.”

Ms Parsons shouted at the men who ran off into the woods.

It was only later that Julie, who has limited mobility in her legs due to a stroke, said she realised she’d not only been shot in the arm, but also in the leg.

She and her father called the police who reportedly sent out a drone and firearm unit.

Ms Parsons had taken a picture of the men’s van, which police identified through DVLA records.

However, she says officers have told her that the men in question could not have shot her, as their guns were too powerful.

She said: “The police didn’t listen to me at all and it feels like they had no sense of urgency. I just don’t know what to do now.

“I have been quite disabled for 18 months and my father and I used to really enjoy going out on our scooters, but now I’m terrified of going out.”

The road in question is a public highway used by families and children - this could therefore have been “so much worse and it seems unbelievable that the police are unwilling to take the matter further.”

A spokesman from Wiltshire Police has said a lack of witnesses has meant they have closed the case, but they would be poised to restart investigations if people came forward with information.

He said: “Following our enquiries into this incident, which we understand to be very distressing for the victims involved, the crime has now been classed as undetected due to lack of witnesses and evidence; however if any further information comes to light then we would of course reopen the investigation.

"Any further information can be reported to us via 101