A CALL for 20mph speed restrictions in residential streets across Swindon borough is gaining momentum.

Blunsdon, Haydon Wick, Liddington, South Marston and Stanton Fitzwarren parish councils are backing an initiative by the Stratton authority.

Blunsdon already has a 20mph limit.

Parish council chairman Ian Jankinson said that it is beginning to make an impact and it has been able to use funding provided by housing developers to cover the costs of the new signs.

Speed has been a big concern for villagers in Stanton Fitzwarren, where blind bends and a lack of pavements add to the risks for walkers and cyclists alike.

With a livery stables in the heart of Stanton and on-street parking reducing the road to a single lane in places, parish council chairman Tom Charnock worries that the area is an accident waiting to happen.

He added: “We don’t want to delay a lower speed limit until somebody is injured or worse.

"We fully support Stratton’s initiative to improve road safety in the borough.”

Meanwhile, South Marston has several traffic-calming measures in place in an effort to slow vehicles down to the 30mph limit. Its parish council is backing any efforts to introduce 20mph restrictions in villages around Swindon.

Liddington and Haydon Wick parish councils are similarly persuaded that a lower speed limit would benefit their areas, too.

Liddington chairman David Lomax said: “We have recently installed a speed monitor on the main road through the village.

“Data is showing that between 75 per cent and 80 per cent of cars are breaking the 30mph speed limit and yet Swindon Borough Council maintains we don’t have a problem


Haydon Wick Parish Council’s planning and highways committee chairman John Fuller added: “There are certainly some streets in the parish which would benefit from reduced speed limits, particularly in residential areas around schools and sheltered housing.

“Many councillors and residents have seen cars speeding and putting residents in danger.

“There are various studies proving that lower speeds have a direct effect on the number of collisions and injuries, or worse, fatalities.

“The roll-out should continue, with the borough council finding the money for the signage needed.”