THE news of the Oasis Leisure Centre closing has sent shockwaves through Swindon.

Hundreds of Adver readers reacted to the decision by GLL to hand back their lease of the site to landlords SevenCapital.

Claire Buchan: "End of an era, loved going here as a kid"

Tania Rose: "Nothing left in Swindon now, a ghost town."

Cara Marie: "So sad, thanks for the memories."

Gary Fisher: "What was one of the biggest attractions in swindon for many years is closing. What is the council doing exactly? This town has absolutely nothing to offer its residence or tourists, simply a drive-by to get to other destinations like Bristol or Reading."

Tayla Hibbert: "There’s going to be nothing left for the kids by the end of this virus."

Alison Jane: "This is terrible."

Ross Poole: "This is the worst of all the Swindon closures."

Gail Sergeant: "Inevitable really - so dated now and no real investment in it for a long time.

"Maybe the proposed snowdome can incorporate some extra leisure facilities?"

Bibiana Vitale: "Very unfortunate for all the people who work there but this place is so grubby and dirty, nothing like what it used to be years ago."

Lauz Kent: "This is such sad news. We’ve been going regularly to a mother and baby swim session throughout lockdown and the facilities have been amazing.

"Everything thoroughly cleaned and, despite it’s age, overall it’s a great place for families to go to."

David Oakley: "Yet another bit of Swindon heritage bites the dust. Let's bull doze the Magic Roundabout next."

Jill Cuss: "This is very sad. I know Covid restrictions are making life difficult but surely this centre can’t be allowed to close?"

Sarah Alko: "So where are all the children of Swindon going to go swimming in holidays and where are all the children going to have their swimming lessons?

"Bad, bad decision and will be a huge impact on health and well-being. Stand up to this Swindon Borough Council!"

Jayne Brown: "It got too expensive for me to be able to go there after SBC sold it but it had the advantage of being a pool you could walk into without using steps. I can't climb steps so other pools are not accessible to me."

Jamie Passmore: "Absolutely loved going here when I was a kid, sad news!"

MAIN STORY: Oasis Leisure Centre not reopening after lockdown lifts