MOST children like to spend their pocket money on sweets or toys but six-year-old Miriam Oubasslam used her to buy a litter picker so she could clean up the streets of Eastcott and Old Town.

The youngster, who goes to Robert Le Kyng Primary School, loves animals and wanted to do her bit to protect wildlife in the town.

She explained: “I want to pick up the rubbish so the animals and birds won’t eat it because if they eat it they might die.

“I prefer going to school to pick up the litter but I’m still going to go litter picking.”

“The litter is disgusting so people should just throw their rubbish in the bin.

She added: “When I’m older I want to be a police officer so I can arrest naughty people.”

Her proud mum Rebecca Sturgeon, 37, said: “It was her idea completely. She asked me if she could have the litter grabber, I said no at first but she insisted.

“I was sceptical about whether she would actually do it but she has proved me wrong.

“I thought it was good because she was confident enough to think of something to do to help. She’s been out a few times but it wasn’t too difficult to get her to go out for walks because she likes cafes and shopping anyway.

“I go out with her as there are some things she shouldn’t pick up, I want to make sure she is safe as well. She usually gets a carrier bag full and then she gets tired.”

The little girl watched a documentary at school about birds eating plastic plastic waste and it impressed on her the need for it to be disposed of properly.

“She wants to be a policewoman when she is older so she has had this civic responsibility, probably ever since she was about two,” said Rebecca.

“Every bin day rubbish gets thrown around town, but they probably do have people in town who pick litter.

“This has come from her, so it’s nice to see your child growing up and doing positive things. It gives her something to focus on when she has that big bag of rubbish to carry. People do look quite impressed and she is pleased with herself.