MEMORIES of four fun-filled decades at the Oasis have flooded social media this week.

Operator GLL and landlords Seven Capital dropped the bombshell on the town that the iconic leisure centre would not be reopening once lockdown ends next month, saying it is no longer viable.

Famous across the region for its multi-coloured Domebuster slides, the Oasis opened in 1976 and was labelled ‘the biggest leisure dome in Europe’.

It cost £3 million to build, with the £170,000 dome imported from the United States.

Here is just a selection of the hundreds of comments left on the Adver's Facebook page...

Andrew Nash: “Many good summer holidays spent here as a kid – avoiding getting out when your colour (band) was called.

“And then as an adult taking my own kids, this time getting out when told.

“The smell of chlorine hits you as soon as you get to the car park.

“Going down the slides for the first time as a kid was such great fun. It’s a real shame for Swindon to be losing this iconic venue. Let’s hope it can be rescued.”

Julie Basford: “I remember going down the slides for the first time. They were red before the Domebusters were there.

“The wave machine was a favourite as we’d pretend we were at the seaside.

“Taking my son there for the first time was a special moment.

“First time there with the Domebusters was amazing – such fond memories.”

Alison Barrett: “My three children all learnt to swim here in the early 90s, and I spent many an early Saturday morning watching from the balcony whilst they mastered various stages and achieved their badges which I sewed onto their towels and still have.

“The most challenging badge for my daughter, was when she swam the mile back and forth across the pool and about three quarters of the way through, the wave machine suddenly came on so she had to continue to battle her way through to achieve it.”

Heidi Botfield: “Loved the roller discos and they used to have skating in the school holidays on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. Also went swimming there too.

“Went to see Five Star there.

“When I worked at Honda we had our Christmas party there. Great place for me growing up.”

Cheryl Kelser: “Went to the opening disco and attended several concerts.

“Suzi Quattro was amazing. Also saw Jasper Carrot and Jethro there. Great memories.”

Greig Evenett: “Pretty much grew up in the place. My mum used to teach aerobics there so I would spend every school holiday there.

“I won the pancake tossing competition at Captain Coconut, it was so good I ended up in the Adver for it. Loads of memories.”

Derek Fry: “Back in 1977/78 we could get a pint in the Oasis Bar, which was great as we were all underage. Five-a-side football and a beer, happy days.”

Taylor Kimberley: “Virtually my whole childhood was spent there.

“I lived within walking distance and would go swimming, roller roller discos, Captain Coconut... so much fun.”

Rachel Godwin: “So sad that its closing, I’ve been there three times between lockdowns with my grandchildren and they absolutely love it there.

“The wave machine and the Domebusters are great, there’s nowhere else like it in Swindon.

“My favourite memories are of taking my children to mother and toddler swim sessions every week and also having children’s birthday parties there. I hope there is some way to save it.”

Catherine Packer: “My dad passed away last year and his memory is strong at the pool with his grandsons, with me.

“I see him each time I’ve been there this year. Memories of him with us swimming, sliding Domebusters, showers, cafe for coffee. Even the car park. End of an era.”

Paul Bunney: “I proposed in the ring to my now wife at a boxing show there.”

“Had plenty of other fun times there too with the kids.

“Such a shame.”

Oonagh Delapp: “I remember going to the pool discos when I was at school, then getting a burger and a pick and mix in the vending machine

“When I was very little my dad or my auntie used to take me and my brother nearly every week and we would get a McDonald’s after.”

Tracey Boyd: “My brother told me that behind the grille the waves came out of, that they kept sharks, and they’d let them out when the pool was shut.

“I was only 10, and obviously very gullible as it scared me to death that they would escape whilst the pool was open.”